Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Juno Flu

Remember that scene from Juno, where our title gal is drinking large gulps of Sunny D and staring persistently and meaningfully at The Sex Chair. Well, replace Juno with our girl Snappy, the Sunny D with a sippy cup of milk and the Sex Chair with Ralph's dish and you have what went on in our house for about twenty minutes this morningish. I call it morningish because Snaps didn't get her cute little bum out of bed (mine...of course) until after 11. Those of you that know her, know that she sometimes likes to sleep in all Auntie Mame-like, but it was the Auntie Mame-like world-weary hang-over that gave me pause.

What could be wrong? She seemed so full of angst! Was she wondering why that toddler didn't want to play with her that one time? Or did she finally realize that the cat really doesn't like her? Is she contemplating the existence of Mom? Or...Oh no! Is it some terrible disease that only House can diagnose after about an hours worth of dramatic content?

She decided to take a nap on my shoulder. I continued to worry. Suddenly! She lifted her head. She looked at me with eyes that said "Emergency! Call 9-11! I've done it before, I'll show you how!" Then she puked all over me.

I felt a little dumb for not figuring it out the first time, but I guess that the angsty world-shattering pathos of an unwanted pregnancy during the teen years is probably the same as a bit of an upset tummy during the toddler years.

Here are my treatments for the Juno Flu (patent pending)

Water, kitty, puke sheet, Yo Gabba Gabba

Dry toast, crayons, more water, more Yo Gabba Gabba

Lots and lots of rest


Jon said...

Brobie heals all puking.

Leslie from said...

I can't believe you child slept in to 11:00AM.

Poor punkin. But she just looks so damn cute even when sick!

Karen said...

Damn that Juno flu! I've been down with it for three days. But what was I supposed to do -- not hug and kiss that cute little Snappy? It was worth it.