Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easy Rider Goes Live!

Check it! Live Nude Blogs! Wearing Clothes! Especially me! I'll be bringing fun Snappy visual aides and telling dirty stories that I can't really tell in my baby blog...I mean come on. This is a mommy blog, I can't be talking all dirty and stuff, but at Stage Werx...I'll be letting the filth fly.

Luggage Tuesdays presents:
"My Blog Live: Online Onstage"
Live performances from Bay Area blogs Good Crafternoon!, Geek Girl Daily, Easy Rider: Strolling in SF, and Luggage Tuesdays

WHEN: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 @ 8pm

WHERE: Stage Werx 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco

TICKETS: $12 at the door

INFO: Mike Spiegelman,


San Francisco, Ca. - "My Blog Live" kicks off an ongoing series of live performances from the people behind the sites. This live show highlights the variety of genres and personal voices found on blogs, with performances of new pieces and previous posts from four Bay Area bloggers:

Erikka Innes, Geek Girl Daily, Geek Blog
Host of "Geek Comedy Night" at Rooster T. Feather's, comedian Erikka Innes is no stranger to geekiness.

Melinda Bailey, Easy Rider: Strolling in SF, Mommy Blog
Professional SF guide with Foot Tours, Melinda Bailey writes about strolling with Snappy throughout the City.

Leslie "Miss Dottie" Van Every, Good Crafternoon, Crafts Blog
Leslie Van Every writes about knitting, sewing, and searching through the Alameda Flea Market.

Mike Spiegelman, Luggage Tuesdays, Humor Blog
Comedian Mike Spiegelman presents readings and sketches about family restaurant menu parodies, phone books send-ups, Superman boners, and jokes about salad.

My Blog Live runs Tuesday, March 25 @ 8pm at Stage Werx 533 Sutter Street, between Powell and Mason, San Francisco.


Bailz said...

Whoa! Do I get to see the show?

babypusher said...

No. You have to stay home and keep Snappy from burning the house down.