Monday, May 21, 2007

Daniel from Crunch Fitness is the Devil

I don't even have a contract with them anymore and they're still charging me and they won't STOP. And Daniel the twit who answers the phone was such a jackass, I told him that if it was policy to give people the run around to please give me a break because my baby just had surgery (shameless...I admit, but true). He gave me no break. Just attitude. So I screamed as loud as I could. Hung up and then sent an email to a contract lawyer, Danny's superior, every consumer watchdog group I could think of. And I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Don't mess with a tired mom while she's holding a fussy baby...just don't do it.

New Book for Your Friends

I haven't even read this book. But the title makes me giggle. I just love people who talk about what kind of parent they'll be BEFORE they have kids. And then they have the nerve to judge your parenting style. (Oh..and by love, I mean not love!)

Uh oh. I think I used to be one of those people. Damn it! Oh the shame! The shaaaaaaaame!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun with choking hazards

Bored? Try going here and see how many of your baby's toys made the list. What? The Parent's Mag cellphone? But that's the only thing I can trade for my actual cell phone. How bad of a choking hazard is it? Really? Come on. If I threw out all Snappy's recalled toys, she'd be stuck playing with a cloth teething doll (that she hates) and her feet (which she looooves). Wait...What? They recalled the Laugh & Learn bunny? Nooooo. Sure he's loud and annoying, but that's what calms crying babies. His nose falls off? Pfft. So the did the volume knob on her Sleep Sheep, and I still put that baby-soothing little sucker into her crib every night. Why can't they recall that damn cloth teething doll so I can get my 15 bucks back?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The website has been updated! Now maybe crocheted sweater vests will come back in style!

Getting Ready to Roll

Great googly moogly is it ever hard getting a brand new baby-type tour written and semi-memorized while taking care of a baby...especially one getting and recovering from cleft repair surgery (can I just stop for a moment and thank the Universe for supplying baby tyco and the Muppet Show on DVD? Thanks Universe. I owe you one.)
Strange but true, we're finally getting ready to start the Easy Rider stroller tour. Robert Mac (the power to be at Foot!) is doing the promotions. He's also working on a new Foot tour and hiring new guides to give it, and (hopefully) finally updating the website. If he does actually update it...this will be the first time since the 70s. Which is weird since we didn't even have The Internet in the 70s, but yet still....true.
I'm memorizing the script, fine tuning the route and tragically messing up my grand idea of laminating my pics. (don't ask) Also, I've decided that instead of walking alllll the way down to the damn thing; we'll just use the magic of pointing to look at the Zeum carousel. The ramp to get down to it is like something out of Raiders of the Lost Arc. Every time I walk it, I keep looking over my shoulder for the giant, rolling boulder. And if you trip the wrong wire, sharp sticks pop up...some of them with corpses still attached. Besides, you have to walk through the playground...might be too tempting for toddlers.
On the bright side, I've got my Easy Rider playlist pretty much done. I'll be posting it soon. Oh...and Snappy is way ahead of all of us. She has her butterfly toy, kicked off her socks and is ready to go.