Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snappy n Pee Wee Sittin' in a tree!

So, one of Dadmonster's best friends rented out the Red Vic for her birthday for an 11am pajama party featuring the epic cinematic masterpiece Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Snappy's first movie theater! I was sure she would be naughty, so we tried to show up as late as possible. Since 11 am isn't pajama time for us, we changed into our pajamas before we left. I even wore my bunny slippers.

The Red Vic peeps were kind enough to realize that the crazy lady wearing pajamas and curlers in her hair standing outside with a toddler and a cellphone must be an invited guest and let us in. We were offered an array of breakfast treats including new-to-snappy treats: Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops. She couldn't believe her luck. She thought it was Halloween and Christmas all rolled into one. She calls this new holiday Brunchmasween.

So yes, Snaps is 20 months, not exactly prime movie watching age, but she did AWESOME! Okay, first she tripped in the dark and cried, but hey, who doesn't cry when they fall on their face? After that (and a brief trip to replenish the Fruit Loop supply) she did AWESOME. We sat on the stairs in the back, so she wasn't required to sit. That was key for the awesomeness. And the awesomeness was, indeed, awesome. She laughed when everyone else laughed. Clapped when everyone else clapped. Danced to all the music (even the Big Shoe Dance) and made kissy noises at the big Morgan Fairchild/ PW Herman love scene. Everyone agreed she had great timing (Snappy, not Morgan Fairchild...but she was okay). I think all movie theaters should have a run-around area (or in Snappy's case: twirl around) for toddlers.

Afterwards, me and Dadmonster carried her 12 blocks (it might have been 8, but I was promised 4...so the extra grumbling made it feel longer). Despite the fact that it was The Haight (home of the Red Guy), everyone stared at us. This made me realize we needed to take pictures. Note the sugar crash in this picture...and that Snappy is still clutching an empty bowl that once held her beloved TREASURE (aka Fruit Loops)!


Leslie from Goodcrafternoon.com said...

Brunchmasween sounds like the best holiday ever. But instead of fruit loops I would probably want bacon.

Forgive me.

Jon said...

When did Dad become a monster?

Eileen said...


But seriously, that is one of the best kid stories I've heard in a long time. Isn't Snappy lucky to have this first movie theater experience (at the Red Vic with Pee Wee, no less) documented for posterity!

She is quite the twirler....