Friday, November 16, 2007

One mommy's trash...

When I first moved to this apartment a few years ago, I looked out the window and across the street, on the sidewalk, there was the cutest, wildest little muppet-in-real-life toddler banging away on a real, pint-sized drum set. So cute! So rock n roll!

Recently I looked out my window and noticed that that little rock star isn't quite so pint sized anymore.

Then. Last week. I looked out the window and spotted the little rocker's mom carrying those drums out to the curb. Huh? Free? Up for grabs! The coolest thing ever! A toddler's drum kit! Now, I know it sounds like a very, very crazy thing to want, but if you know my daughter, Sticks, then you know why I (stomache flu and all) ran down stairs and grabbed my noise-polluting little treasure before Sunset Scavenger carted it of.

I'll be hiding it until Sticks learns the difference between "indoor drumsticks" and "outdoor drumsticks", but she was OVERJOYED when I brought it in the door.

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