Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just call us Marina Grrrlz

Those who know me, know my reputation for hating on Marina Girls. From writing nasty web articles about them and the over-priced bars they frequent, to attending parties and administering drunken tongue lashings to anyone who says the words "Banana" and "Republic" more than once in a five minute conversation. So you can imagine my fear and loathing when I took Snappy to a music class in the Marina (anyone who has seen the "sticks" vid on MySpace knows why I had to do that). After class, we walked to Chrissy Field (god, they even name their public parks Chrissy...what next? Kaitlyn Wetlands and Nature Preserve?).

It was smoking hot weather, and the tide had created the perfect little toddler swim area. So perfect in fact, that while my little snappy was running around in a bathing suit...a lot of the moms were letting their little water addicts go commando. Wow. Skinny dipping toddlers. Pretty awesomely laid back for the Marina! Especially when you compare that experience with the moms who complain when I let Snaps play in the water play area at GG Park's Children's Playground because then their kid will want to do it too(Hey, don't blame me because you're not smart enough to bring a towel and bathing suit) or because she splashes (hey lady, you're standing in a pool of water at a playground...do you think you might....just might... get splashed?) Morons. (Oh. and btw, when your kid is having fun...let the kid have fun...don't keep saying "do you want to do this? Do you want to go there? Do you want to try this?" It makes you look like an idiot. Just let your kids play. Even if they're not doing something that is fun for you.)

Damn those Marina Moms for proving me wrong! I hope the water is just as fine next week.


smurf said...

I'm totally not a fan of the "constant mom dialogue" wherein mom chats at baby, asking a constant barrage of questions that baby either doesn't understand or doesn't give two shits about. I imagine babies think a lot like Stewie on Family Guy, they just don't have the oral dexterity to get the words out yet. I think they would appreciate it if moms spoke to them in plain English, and only when necessary. I know I would!

babypusher said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I love this comment so much that I'm going to learn how to sew just so I can turn it into a sampler that I will hang above your 1st baby's changing table (if I start now...it'll be done in time) and that way you'll have these words to look at while you coo "who has a poopy? You do! You little pooper. Who's the cutest little pooper in the whole world? You are! That's momma's little pooper!"