Monday, June 11, 2007

Who and The What Now

Those of you who know me know that I've always gone back and forth on whether or not The Who is a good band. Oh no doubt---they rock! Their rockingness has been well documented...and still, there's just always been something really really sucky about them that I couldn't put my finger on...or back up when trying to explain to a Who fan why I know that, yes, they rock...seriously and completely...but I still hate them.

Then...Snappy went on her first BART ride. I looked around and noticed a young white college-age dude sitting quietly and reading a book. Now this wouldn't be odd, except that is the very same BART ride I wrote about earlier...the one with the crazed homophobic Red Sox fan threatening to beat up the scrawny, wimpy A's fan. Exactly! Reading quietly? Does he think he's better than the rest of us? Some drunken red-faced Boston Brawler is screaming things like "Jaaaaahhhhhsh Becket! Jaaaaaaaaahhhhhsh Becket! What ah you? Retahded? Nick Swishah is gay. Gaaaaaay!" and this guy doesn't have the common courtesy to look up and make snide comments under his breath with the rest of us?

Just when I was about to grab him by his shaggy blonde hair, physically turn his head in the direction of the Theatre des BART and say, "What? You think crap this good is going to look at itself?" when I noticed he was reading the Celestine Prophecy. Okay, so yes there was indeed a big drunk idiot who eventually ditched his friends in order to follow a pipsqueakean A's fan off the train in order to "settle this"...but reading Celestine Prophecy in public?! This guy was the biggest tool on the train. Yes. This guy with the shaggy blonde hair...proudly sporting a Who t-shirt.

I rest my case.

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david said...

The Who manages to rock and suck simultaneously. I don't understand how. They just do. It occurs to me that if we could harness the rock/suck quotient we might be able to power jetpacks or rocket cars.