Saturday, June 9, 2007

Another broken-hearted Red Sox fan is born.

We took Snappy to her first Red Sox game at Oakland. Poor thing. She just hated seeing Daisuke getting absolutely no run support and Lugo living up to his legacy of always bringing the opposite of the clutch hit...again (and against DiNardo WTF?). But she did great and lasted all nine innings and the BART ride home. The only time she cried was when the crazy homophobic straight-outta-Dorchester Red Sox fan loudly and drunkenly threatened to kick the ass of a wicked retahded As fan. (And, really probably did if the As fans weren't smart and/or sober enough to alert BART police that they had just been followed off the train by a couple of menacing Back Bay types with Yankee Stadium-sized chips on their shoulders). Poor baby.
At least she smiled for the cameraphone.

But that was the last of the badness...except that in my determination to keep the baby happy for all 9 scoreless innings, I let her play her favorite game=baby goes backwards and hangs upside down= waaaaay too much. I had to get grandpa and two (count 'em) Aunties to come and take turns changing a baby's diaper while I was laid out flat on a heating pad in a BenGay haze. Mmm. Minty.

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