Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun with choking hazards

Bored? Try going here and see how many of your baby's toys made the list. What? The Parent's Mag cellphone? But that's the only thing I can trade for my actual cell phone. How bad of a choking hazard is it? Really? Come on. If I threw out all Snappy's recalled toys, she'd be stuck playing with a cloth teething doll (that she hates) and her feet (which she looooves). Wait...What? They recalled the Laugh & Learn bunny? Nooooo. Sure he's loud and annoying, but that's what calms crying babies. His nose falls off? Pfft. So the did the volume knob on her Sleep Sheep, and I still put that baby-soothing little sucker into her crib every night. Why can't they recall that damn cloth teething doll so I can get my 15 bucks back?

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