Monday, May 21, 2007

Daniel from Crunch Fitness is the Devil

I don't even have a contract with them anymore and they're still charging me and they won't STOP. And Daniel the twit who answers the phone was such a jackass, I told him that if it was policy to give people the run around to please give me a break because my baby just had surgery (shameless...I admit, but true). He gave me no break. Just attitude. So I screamed as loud as I could. Hung up and then sent an email to a contract lawyer, Danny's superior, every consumer watchdog group I could think of. And I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Don't mess with a tired mom while she's holding a fussy baby...just don't do it.


Smurf said...

Crunch is, indeed, the devil. When I was having issues with my hip, and then my elbow, and then my knee, and then started doing yoga all the time, I got a doctor's note to let me out of my contract. They said the doctor's note wasn't good enough and they needed "more detail." I voiced my assumption that they wanted the detail so that they could say, "Hmmm... you seem fine on the right side from the waist up, have you seen our Old Folk Stroke Rehab Hand Trike machine? You can still use that with one arm, thus, you are still bound to your contract." The nice fellow fessed up that this was, indeed, what they would do. But he told me I could pay $220 for a "relocation without proper documentation" if I would sign something saying I'd moved. So I did. And I paid the money. Fastforward 4 months and I get an email from Daniel (my ex, not the meanie at Crunch) telling me that they charged him on his credit card $300 or something- the remainder of my contract. While we each paid our own gym memberships separately, his was loosely tied to mine because he got a discount for us living together. I told him to go batshit crazy on them. Which probably involved him calling and saying, "Um... so, can you like not charge me please because Smurf and I are no longer together and that's like not really super fair and stuff?" I called them and told them that we had had a horrible falling out and that really it was a legal issue and they had no authorization to charge him and all manner of other threats. They told me they would reverse the charges. Fastforward 3 more months, the charges still were not reversed. I asked Daniel what the bank had said when he disputed the charges. He had not. Fastforward 2 more months, Daniel went ahead and paid the bastards. Teaching them the valuable lesson that it takes about 6 months for suckers to give up the cash.

babypusher said...

OMG!!! Those Bastards!

Still...yes...Daniel is a sucker.