Monday, July 9, 2007

No title can describe it

This is an actual conversation. I'm using aliases to protect the innocent. You'll see why:

Mrs. X: Oh...there wasn't a poopie in that diaper after all.

Mr. X: Must have just been a stinky fart.

Mrs. X: She gets that from you.

Mr. X: Oh come now! I'm sure there are plenty of people in your family who have stinky farts...especially the one called "Chili Farts"!

Mrs. X: To be fair, I was only related to Chili Farts through marriage!

And scene.


Bailz said...

Where have I heard that before??

Nicole Bongard said...

OK Melinda! I'm really sick of this post, already... how 'bout an update, please?!